Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Book Review: City of the Falling Sky

Usually I am not a big fan of self published books, but that is because my first experience proved there is usually a good idea but it hasn’t been explored to its full potential. This is definitely not the case with City of the Falling Sky by Joseph Evans.
The characters are alive enough to be kicking, the dialogue is realistic and there is enough humour and suspense to keep you hooked. 
The names at first bothered me because they’re just so silly, but then they made me laugh and kind of grew on me. They add to the realness of the alternate universe that Evans paints in our heads.
This future world isn’t over-explained in any way and we are not assumed to be stupid, which is usually nice. The story flows nicely and is never boring or too predictable. For fans of sci-fi this will be a nice addition to their collection. Enjoy the read!

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