Saturday, December 29, 2012

Welcome to 2013

As we are nearing the end of yet another year (yep, there is the whooshing sound it makes as it flies by) it is time to reflect upon the wonderful adventures we had the last 365 days and to think/daydream about the new even amazing-er adventures we’ll experience the next 365 days. Who knows, it might be the year that toy stores will start selling jet packs. Or the year we can clone our pets. Or maybe women will start ruling the world (we kind of do already). I’m just saying, just because it has the number 13 in it, doesn’t mean it has to be a bad year. Even though we can’t know what will happen during 2013 we can at least see it as more time to get closer to our dreams, or enjoy more time living them if that’s the case.

For me the year 2012 was one of my most exciting adventures, where I got to go to England and got my MA in Creative Writing. I made wonderful friends, learned a lot, went on a date with a not-so-much English gentleman, kicked ass in pool and most importantly learned where to put my knife and fork after I had finished eating to indicate I’d indeed finished eating. Okay, that wasn’t that important, but knowing it made me feel British.

The year 2013 will be even more exciting, though. Before this I always had a plan of what I was going to study and where, but this is the first time I’m no longer a student and an official adult. If you hear a loud scream, then yes, that is me. And finding a job isn’t easy, I probably have more of a chance to discover the remains of a mummy in my own basement. Right now I’m finishing two novels so hopefully this will be the year that I get to publish my books and make some money. My Master’s diploma on my desk tells me I can do it. No pressure.
So now you know that my 2013 will be the year of dreams, what will it be for you? 


  1. I did indeed hear the whooshing sound. I mistakingly took it for the Doctor who was coming to take me with him on an adventure I never ever could have dreamed off so I didn't need to think about what I always wanted to achieve.

    Secretly I wish and I know a part of you does too to be a student forever, but you and I both got our MA. You in creative writing and secretly I wish that was mine, but I do love my own MA and they are KINDA related...

    I admire your ability in working for your dreams I feel like the laziest person ever for not even having considered starting something for fear it might not work out the way I dreamed it to be. I'm such a scaredy cat and at times I wish someone would just lay out a path of breadcrumbs for me so I would atleast know the direction I'm supposed to go in.

    I'll be the first in line to buy your novel when it is out in the shops. and you better be standing next to me when I do. We would be awesome at confusing the salesperson when we discuss what will become of the main character next, as if we read the book while standing in line before the register!

  2. Your comment totally brought tears to my eyes! Thank you so much! It means so much to me that I already have a fan!

    It is way easier to be a student, but unfortunately there comes a time we have to brave it up and follow that unsteady path to our dreams. Even if it means falling down along the way. I know it's scary and it's easy to do nothing, but I know you're stronger than you think and you can do it! Don't forget that you're not alone.

    And yes, I'll definitely be with you as we buy my book! I'll sign it too! :D

  3. I was a fan of you ever since those awesome lessons with Syreetha... I don't think there ever was a time that we didn't end up leaving the class in a fit of giggles from something we said during the start of the lesson!!

    Sometimes I wonder how we ever managed to pass a class that we were both in together or how we were never kicked out for disturbing the peace. Those are awesome memories to hold on to!